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Tricep Skull Crushers


Category : Tricep Skull Crushers

Tricep Skull Crushers for Toning your Triceps


The tricep skull crushers for toning your triceps provide the best results when they are done in the proper manner. In order to get started with the proper skull crusher workout, you first need to know the way the exercise is done. There are two ways of doing skull crushers, with dumbbells and with barbells. While dumbbells are suited for the beginners, barbells are extensive enough for providing a complete skull crusher workout. You can lift heavier weights with a barbell, something that is not advisable for dumbbell skull crushers. In case you already have an idea about the dumbbell skull crushers, you need to graduate to barbell skull crushers for better triceps.

Barbell Skull Crushers

As a matter of fact, barbell skull crushers are known to provide better results in strengthening and toning your triceps. Since you can lift heavy weights through the means of barbells, you can achieve improvements and an increase in strength through the means of the barbell skull crushers. In order to perform the skull crushers with barbells, you need to find yourself a flat bench. Lie down comfortably on the bench, with your legs in a comfortable position on the sides. Your head should be positioned in such a way that it is over the edge of the bench, with the pit between the neck and head being exactly at the edge of the bench. Now, you need to take the barbell in an overhand grip, with both palms facing outwards and hold it over your chest. The arms should support the weight and the barbells should be at an angle with the body. Now, simply bend the elbows to bring down the barbell to the top of your forehead. Make sure that you do not bend the elbows and keep them in the same position. Now, bring back the barbell into the same starting position for completing the exercise.

Efficacy of Barbell Skull Crushers

The efficacy of barbell skull crushers is extremely high and this is one way through which you can tone and strengthen your triceps in the best possible way. Ensuring the safety, making use of skull crusher helmets and performing the skull crushers in the right manner are extremely important. These steps ensure that the tricep skull crushers give you the best results in the least possible time.

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