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Skull Crushers


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Skull Crushers for Triceps


The exercise of skull crushers for triceps is the best workout that your triceps can get. In simple words, the skull crushers stress your triceps in the right way and provide them with the right kind of workout. The triceps comprise of three muscle heads and there are not many exercises that can utilize all the three heads. In order to make sure that the triceps have been worked out properly, you need to work all the three heads, something that is done effectively by the skull crushers. We are going to take a look at the skull crusher exercise and the two ways in which it can be performed.

Barbell Skull Crushers

The barbell skull crusher is the first type of skull crusher exercise that is popular among trainers. This type of skull crusher mainly requires the use of a barbell for stressing the triceps. In case you are just starting out with the skull crushers, make sure that you choose a light barbell for the first run. For barbell skull crushers, you need to find yourself a perfectly flat bench. Place yourself in a comfortable position on this bench, with feet resting comfortably, but firmly, on the ground and the head over the edge of the bench. Now, for the barbell skull crushers, you would have to take a barbell and place it in an overhand grip, with palms outwards. Hold the barbell above your chest, and bring them down towards your forehead by bending your elbows. Do not move your elbows and let the triceps take the entire brunt of the workout. Now, bring back the barbell in the original position and repeat as per the required number of sets.

Dumbbell Skull Crushers

The dumbbell skull crushers are an alternative to the barbell skull crushers. As clear from the name, these triceps skull crushers require the use of a dumbbell for carrying out the workout. The usage of the dumbbells is a little different from that of barbells for this exercise. You need to position yourself in the same way on the bench, but need to have a different orientation of the dumbbell. As opposed to the barbell, the dumbbells are held with each of the palms facing each other, in a vertical position above the chest. The steps of the skull crushers are similar to the ones mentioned for the barbell skull crushers.

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