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Skull Crusher Exercise


Category : Skull Crusher Exercise

Effective Skull Crusher Exercise


The effective skull crusher exercise can work wonders for your triceps and can help you in getting perfectly toned and strengthened triceps. There are three major muscle heads in the triceps, all of which require an extensive workout for the best results. The skull crushers are one way through which you can make sure that the entire set of triceps muscles is exercised and worked out in the best possible way. There are two ways through which you can use the skull crusher exercise for toning your triceps. One method requires the use of barbells while the other method requires the use of dumbbells. There are minor differences in the way these skull crusher exercises are performed, with no differences in the results that can be obtained with skull crushers.

Two Types of Skull Crushers

The two types of skull crushers are mentioned here for your reference and for ensuring that you know about both the methods. The first method of skull crushers requires the use of a barbell, and is the preferred method of working out. This skull crusher workout methodology is more popular than the other one because of the ability to use heavier weights with barbells. In this method, you simply have to carry out the entire skull crusher workout by using the barbell that is held in an overhand grip. Bringing the barbell down to the forehead from the rest position above the chest is the way the workout is to be carried out. The second type of skull crushers is done through the use of dumbbells. The dumbbells are a good starting point for these exercises as they can help a beginner start with lighter weights. The dumbbells are held with both palms facing each other, in a vertical position. They are then brought down in a typical skull crusher workout.

Safety during Skull Crushers Workout

The importance of safety during the skull crusher workout cannot be undermined as there are high chances of an injury arising during this exercise. The use of skull crusher helmets is one way through which you can reduce the chances of injury to your head. Starting with lighter barbells, the right posture and the right technique are some ways through which you can reduce the risks associated with the skull crusher exercise.

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