How Ditching Toxic Friends Can Improve Your Life

You’ve definitely met a few. Most likely you are still communicating with them. You always thought about them as your friends, as they were always there when you lost your job. They were there for you after you’ve broken up with your significant other. They are always there when your world come crumbling down. But somehow they are nowhere to be found when you get the job of your dream or find your perfect match. Well, they can be there, only to warn you that everything is going to go in flames in the end. You know who we’re talking about - toxic friends.

Yes, it is very hard to accept the fact that your friends are toxic. It’s even harder to ditch them. Whenever you start thinking about ditching them, first you manage to find different ridiculous excuses, like “But I don’t have other friends”, “But they’ve been with me in my hard times” and so on. Don’t worry, we are not forcing you into ditching them, as you will ditch them eventually, if you’ve started having thought about that. Still, you don’t have to worry about your life after ditching them, and here’s why - we’ve collected three main improvements that you are going to experience after getting rid off toxic friends.

You Feel Free to Do What You Want

You are absolutely free from their influence as soon as you ditch them. Remember, you wanted to try applying for that job, but they told you that you shouldn’t as you are going to fail? Remember, you wanted to try to re-enter college, and they told you you would simply waste your time? Well, now you don’t have those people in your life and you are free to do whatever you want.

You Have Time to Materialize Your Dreams

You remember you had certain goals to reach and certain dreams you wanted to materialize? Your friends had been telling you that they are there to support you. But somehow, whenever you tried to make the first step, your friends were telling you that probably it’s not the right time or what if you fail? Great level of support, isn’t it? While it’s going to be hard, as you have to fight the fear of failure that your toxic friends inflicted on you, you finally have the chance to materialize your dreams. 

You Find Real Friends

The biggest problem of saying goodbye to your toxic friends is the fact that you are not sure how to make new friends and how to make sure that you are not running in toxic people again. But, your experience will help you to figure it out, and you will start cutting relations with those who show the signs of being toxic. But the best thing is that you finally start letting people who would become your russian girl marriage in your life.