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Dumbbell Skull Crushers


Category : Dumbbell Skull Crushers

The Variation of Dumbbell Skull Crushers


The variation of dumbbell skull crushers is another interesting way in which you can carry out the skull crusher exercises. The triceps skull crushers give the best results when they are carried out in the right posture. In the beginning, when you are just starting out with the skull crushers, you need to get your posture and act right. The dumbbell skull crushers are one way through which you can find the perfect posture for yourself. Usually, beginners are advised to go through the dumbbell skull crushers first as through this, they can regulate their posture and exercise before moving onto the barbell version of skull crushers.

Performing the Dumbbell Skull Crushers

In order to perform the dumbbell skull crushers, you would need two identical dumbbells, preferably of a light weight. The use of light weight is necessary in the beginning as this would help you in getting used to the skull crushers. You can even choose to start with a single dumbbell of light weight. If you are starting with a single dumbbell, hold the dumbbell with both your hands, with palms facing towards each other. Hold the dumbbell in a vertical position and bring it down towards your forehead. Let the dumbbell pass over your forehead, till it is in line with the top of the bench you are lying on. This is the best way of performing the dumbbell skull crushers for beginners. At a later stage, you can start using two dumbbells for the skull crusher exercise. You simply have to take one dumbbell in each hand and go in the same way, down till the base of the bench is reached. After some time, when you have become comfortable with the dumbbell skull crushers, you can graduate to the barbell skull crushers with heavier weights.

Barbell Skull Crushers

The barbell skull crushers are the best way of performing the skull crusher exercises as they allow the use of heavy weights for the workout. Further, it has been seen that the triceps skull crushers are much more effective when you make the use of a barbell. With a barbell, however, the chances of injury are much higher. Thus, you need to take care when you switch from the regular dumbbell skull crushers to the barbell skull crushers.

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